What brought me here?

To begin, of course, I want to be working in the film industry as that is what I am currently studying and have such a deep connection with. Of course, I could easily go out without a degree but a portfolio, although this is a forever developing industry and by studying what I love to become a part of the industry that I put up on a pedestal and respect so highly I personally believe that by learning from people who have been working in the industry for so long and taking their knowledge, combining it with my own current knowledge, I can create something truly beautiful. But I will get into why that important further on.


Now I am going to delve a little deeper into the topic, I like many people love money, but, money is not what I am passionate about and why I want to make films. To quote philosophiser Alan W. Watts; If you say that money is the most important thing, you’ll spend your life completely wasting your time: You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is, in order to go on doing things you don’t like doing — which is stupid!” I first came across this quote when listening to ‘The Incredible True Story’. A song written by rapper Robert Bryson Hall, more commonly known by his stage name Logic. This is Logic talking about his life and passion for hip-hop and how doing what he loves every day as a job has made his life ‘incredible’.


Finally, and the most important aspect; changing a person’s perspective on the world that we live in. This, now more than ever is so important and as a creator I feel like it is my “duty and mission” if you will, to change the world for the better. Let’s get into the science. According to the EPA‘s reports on the trend of carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses, from 1970 to now the global carbon emissions have dramatically increased about 90%, this is contributing to approximately 78% of the total greenhouse gasses contributed from 1970-2011. According to two reports from international researchers carbon dioxide (CO2) accounts for 395.5 parts per million parts oxygen (O2). This is scary and also a major, if not the only reason I want to go into the film industry. My dream and why I am here is to change a person’s perspective on the world and what we are doing to destroy it by showing what normally isn’t shown. Whether that be the beauty in the world or the evil which is destroying it. Filmmaker and Photographer Ben Brown has made me interested in this over the years, with his most recent film Arctic Visual Vibesbeing at the forefront of my mindIn this film, he highlights the beauty and importance of the Arctic to our survival on this planet through the use of powerful cinematography, music, and editing.



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