My media use

‘Film’ can take many different forms such as funny short videos we see each day when scrolling through our social media feeds. These types of ‘films’ can give us a small snippet into someone else’s life. Other forms of films can be found with-in what is commonly referred to as the ‘mainstream’ media, while short videos on our social media feeds can often contain similar content but shown from many different angles with different perspectives.

The difference between this and the ‘mainstream media’  is what we as consumers are seeing isn’t filtered like the way the news outlets break stories to us. Meaning we can view world events how and when we please. I’m not saying that many videos found on the internet of world events aren’t edited in a misleading way but we have more control and power to view what we want and if we choose we have to power to look deeper and find out more on the topic to what is just shown to us on the evening news. In addition, many stories are subject to what is referred to as ‘trial by media’ meaning they have the power and ability to choose or change our opinion on a topic. To put this in perspective, if a certain news outlet wants us to feel a certain way about a story or a subject of a story they will only show us a small fraction of the incident and report on it in a very meticulous way in order to get into our subconscious and make us believe almost anything.


While there are many music genres they all share the ability to tell a story. While many forms of modern music don’t take advantage of this ability they have many do. I personally am heavily into hip-hop music, hip-hop because it has the very unique ability to tell the longest version of a story and go into the most detail, often telling multiple sides to story. A great example of this is Eminem’s 2000 classic song Stan‘ where he raps the part of his super fan Stan for three of the four verses of the song. He is telling the story of how Stan has sent him mang letters regarding how much he loves and aspires to be like him but Marshall (Eminem) never gets a chance to respond to his letters. In Stans final verse of the song, before Marshall’s response, he starts his final verse with the lyrics “Dear Mister. I’m-to-good-to-call-or-write-my-fans” referring to him thinking that Marshall believes that he is above everyone when he explains in the last verse (his own response) that he has just been busy; “Dear Stan I meant to write you sooner I just been busy”. When in reality he was too late with his reply as Stan killed himself because of Marshall’s neglect.


Another example of the power that hip-hop has is found within Kendrick Lamar’s song Alright‘. In this song, Kendrick addresses the issue of police brutality and the effect that it has on Americas “freedom” and the African-American community. The music video of this song also adds a whole new element to the story and message of the song, all shot in what’s known as ‘stop motion’ and black & white. This adds an element of grit to the song and allows the audience to visualize the lyrics further than just listening to the song.




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