Future Predictions for Human Culture

When looking into the future of cultural trends first we must look back into the trends of the previous decades and the trends embedded with-in those, this may be fashion, lifestyles, technology etc in order to make an accurate prediction for the following 10-15 years from now.

With some research, I can build a reasonably accurate depiction of the famous decade. To begin let us look into life in the 80’s. Music in the 80’s was huge and still follows through to this day with many radio stations still dedicated to playing music from the time, mainly revolving around the pop music scene. Pop music is what drove a lot of the culture that the 80’s is so famous for. Referred to the era of excess’ with bright, exuberant colours found in oversized clothing and ‘crazy’ haircuts, mainly driven again by the pop music industry. Hip-hop was also gaining popularity and while the music genre has evolved over the years the original concept introduced to the masses in the 80’s, still sticks to this very day and, with new emerging technology it opened a world of possibility for new genres of music like EDM (electronic dance music). The short take on this is that the music culture in the 80’s was what influenced daily life in the 80’s.


Looking closer our present day the 90’s also driven by pop culture, not famous for fashion trends directly but a collective of things. More importantly, the computer became more accessible and more mainstream, not just considered a ‘luxury’  item rather a common household product that more people than ever had. Maybe we wouldn’t be where we are today with technology if the computer wasn’t so readily accessible to the average joe in the 90’s. The decade also brought about the fear of Y2K, essentially the fear in the 90’s was that computers only had 2 dates, the day and the month, therefore when the year 2000 rolled around they believed that all computers would stop. While this doesn’t sound world ending, think about it; everything has a computer whether that be an elevator, phone, plane, car etc. even the economy ran mostly online by the 90’s, this would mean a total economic breakdown.


So where does that leave us today? Well, we still follow pop trends, perhaps not to the extent as we did in the 80’s or 90’s but it’s still prevalent today. Perhaps the reason why we don’t all follow the same trends is because of the ease and accessibility of alternative culture, not only in music or films but from all across the world because after all, we are more connected now than ever before. To have it a guess of the future I believe that the internet will remain one of the most powerful tools for our species, to be able to share ideas and opinions so easily and freely today who knows how this could help shape our society in the future. Thankyou.


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