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Blog SubmiMy first experience in the film industry was through cinema. As someone who loves gangster, crime, action, horror and thriller genre’s the cinema is an obvious place to first discover these things. As I got older I started to delve more into Youtube, as I still am today. Casey Niestat, a Youtuber who I subscribe to and have been for about three years, was the person who influenced me and put the passion in my heart for the motion picture industry.  I discovered Casey through another daily vlog Youtuber, Ben Brown, who was friends with Casey long before Casey began his own daily vlogs. Only two people have influenced me to want to become a part of this industry and spend the rest of my life showing people the world and sharing my ideas from a different perspective.

d386b6880bb265646bd268863449d9e1.jpgBen Brown

Casey, who started his career as a filmmaker began by making short films, or as he calls them “short movies” about things that happened in his city, New York. He had what we know as viral videos today long before youtube was even in existence. His video ‘iPod’s Dirty Secret’ which he made in late 2003 with his brother about the poor battery and customer service Apple provided towards his 18-month-old iPod. Upon release of his video on website which is now his personal website. The site gained 194,000 visitors less than a month after its initial release. While this many people may not seem like much today, back in 2003 this was pretty much unheard of until the Niestat Brother’s viral video.

casey_portrait_818-818x545.jpgCasey Niestat

In July of 2008, Casey and his Brother Van created a show called The Niestat Brothers‘ which HBO later bought the rights to in 2010, this launched Casey’s career into the commercial scene. While this show was a success Casey still wasn’t happy with the way it was going, this is how he discovered Youtube, a new way to share videos that anyone in the world could access and be witness to his thoughts, opinions, and views on the world. He began releasing videos such as his 2011 hit Bike Lanes‘  which addresses the issues of riding bikes in New York City after he was given a fine for not riding in the bike lane, and today has 18.7 million views. He saw the opportunity the Youtube as a platform brings to be able to share thoughts, and ideas, uncensored by corporate bodies. In March of 2015, he began daily vlogging, his channel was sitting on 500,000 subscribers, and after almost two years of daily uploads he skyrocketed to over 6 million subscribers, he cemented his style of video editing through this and to this day is regarded as one of the most influential people on Youtube, through his personality,views on the world and filmmaking ability and style he has achieved this.

164550203_1280x720.jpgBike Lanes’ by Casey Niestat

As someone who is heavily invested in crime and gangster style movies as mentioned earlier, Film Noir also plays a big part in my own personal editing style. The gritty, dark and contrasty feel black & white films driven by Alfred Hitchcock in the 50’s, is dear to my heart as one of the greatest eras for films in human history.


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