Visual Vibes – ARCTIC – Review

Ben Brown, a British Photographer and Film Maker has added a new addition to his famous ‘Visual Vibes’ film series on Youtube. In the series, he showcases the world through cinematic cuts and precise editing technique, from the mountains in Canada to the plains of South Africa where he lives.


Arctic, his latest addition, is a seven-minute short film doing just that. He traveled up to the Arctic as a Film Maker for 13 days onboard a Russian Ice Breaker to capture a part of the world in which not many people have, or will ever see and experience. The film uses a range of shots from, handheld, to mounted, to drone shots. Coupled with very simple yet intense music from Two Feet and Mazde, it brings an experience that is stunning, yet at the same time powerful.


The intent for his expedition to the Arctic with Quark Expeditions was to share what is in the world, even in one of the most isolated, hard to reach places, that plays such a vital role in the ecosystem and effects the entire planet. With all that is currently happening in the world in terms of climate change due to Green House Gases expelled from factories, it is important that people see what is actually being effected in the most powerful way possible, through visuals.


While the music in this short film is important what is more vital and conveys a greater message is the footage being shown, From the earliest days of film, it was never about the audio or dialogue because we has no way to actually record that and play it with a film, it was all about the cinematography and editing to tell the story, that is why this film is so powerful. Through incredible footage and amazing, precise and careful editing, Brown has successfully shown an isolated part of the world through nothing but a keen eye and skill.


In only seven minutes, Ben Brown will make you want to drop everything that you are doing to go and explore the Arctic. While very few people will ever get the chance to see the Arctic it is good that Brown, a talented Film Maker is able to go and share it with the rest of the world. Brown, with his use of Cinematography, is able to tell a story without any dialogue. In fact, the only dialogue found within this short film is the voice over half-way through the video, it is a short paragraph about his life and years of travel, to quote a small segment~ The further I am from home, the more I learn about myself. And as I encounter the seemingly endless beauty of this world, I realize that this life is the greatest gift I could ever receive.”. This alone is enough reason for anyone to go and check out this film, it is a moment of silence and reflection that will send chills down your spine and give you goose bumps. 



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