CIU111- Income & Art

This weeks lecture revolved around earning a living in a career after we leave Uni with our degree. We were told to think directly after we leave, so not owning a company, running a studio or being rich and famous rather how we will pursue our end goals.

Personally freelance work with a part-time job would work the best. I would have a stable, steady income working a day job, while in my spare time I will create films and photos to get into my portfolio and to potential clients.

In the creative industry, your portfolio is 95% of what matters in regards to your image, the other 5% being your name having credibility and integrity. If you have an amazing resume, with many high-level degrees in the field of work it doesn’t matter if your portfolio is lacking, below standard and no good. It doesn’t matter how well you appear on paper in the creative industry, if you don’t have a creative mind then your work isn’t attractive to potential clients.

It’s important to advertise yourself, especially in the realm of film and photography, with a very particular style and genre of work. This meaning, if someone is looking for a landscape photographer for example, then if that is your field of expertise then upon arrival to your website and portfolio they can instantly see that you are what they are looking for.

The pro’s of freelance work are purely schedule flexibility. You have a deadline to meet but unlike a full-time job, you have no set work time. If you finish the job to the standard of which you are set early you will still get paid for say two weeks work, when really you only worked eight days on the project.

On the flip side, the cons of freelance work is an unsteady, unstable and unreliable income. You could go months without work and no income which is why many freelance creatives have a part-time job on the side to support themselves in quiet business periods.

Being a free-lance photographer/videographer personally sounds the most appealing. I could work for myself and run my own schedule without being reliant upon a schedule that may be either inconsistent or not extremely flexible. I could also do what I love for a living. It would feel less like a job if I’m not doing it 9am-5pm every day week in and week out. The work would never be the same and it would be more of a challenge which is what I strive for within film and photography, a challenge.


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