An identity, professional or not is an important thing for you life and career. It is how you are presented socially and in a professional setting.

Looking at professional identity, this is how you are viewed by others in your industry. This is purely based on you own work, thats your work flow, time management, how well you cooperate and of course our final product. In film sense no matter your field of expertise it is important that you have a place for potential clients to go to view your work and a way to contact you.

Contact is one of the biggest aspects of your professional identity. On your website it is important to include a contact method, the best being email. When a potential client is to email you they would be expecting a fast, well structured and an accurate answer to their question. Whether that be pricing, availability, time frames etc.

My own website includes a contact tab which, when filled out, gets delivered to my email address. It needs to be completed with a name, contact email and a message. It is in place to be a fast and easy way to get in contact with me if you, the client, is looking to quickly contact me regarding a job they want me to do. Also included on my website is a portfolio highlighting the best of my photo’s and then a gallery tab showing all the rest of my stuff. It is laid out in this way to interest the traffic on my website to instantly see my best, if they like it then they will continue to look through my site to view my other work. The portfolio section of my website shows three different types of photography with detailed disruptions under each. This is to show the diversity of my skill set as a photography and not just limit my identity to clients as only being a landscape or portrait photographer, for example.


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