The sequence from the opening scene from ‘The City of God’ cuts quickly between a variety of extreme close up shots to introduce the world in which the scene is taking place.

Parallel editing is used while the titles are being shown. Someone is sharpening a blade to kill an escaping chicken with. The sequence cuts between many different close and extreme close-ups with consistently reverting back to the blade being sharpened. Lens flares produced by the blade and loud sound effects are used to emphasize the sharpness and integrity of the metal.

A variety of hand-held following shots are also utilized following the chicken while it is being chased by the men looking to kill it. They are low to the ground and the camera it gives you as a viewer a rush of adrenaline watching it as the shot itself isn’t stabilized giving the shot a sense of urgency.

An interesting, yet effective transition into a flashback sequence is also used. The camera is dollied around the man with the camera who appears when the chicken runs and stops in front of him. As he goes down to pick it up the camera dollies around him and speeds up with each rotation. It suddenly changes to him as a young boy standing in the same position on a football field. This is to show the audience that he once knew the men chasing the chicken.


1 thought on “FLM110- CITY OF GOD ANALYSIS”

  1. Very good indeed, nice use of words and structures, it is written in a well brief manner that clearly represents what is happening in the film. How ever I do believe you could of also mention about how the music impacted the chicken chase scene, I have also responded to the opening sequence and is seem like we both understand what techniques and effect are used.


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