Interviews are a crucial aspect of any profession after all you can’t get a job without sitting one.

While not all interview situations ae the same the interviewer is looking for one main, key aspect. Apart from the obvious skills and experience, you should have they are usually looking for something more, your personality. As someone who has worked in fast food, retail, and now hospitality, my people and customer service skills have grown and developed along the way.

I got my first job working at McDonald’s when I was only 14 and worked there for three and a bit year. I was hired as a regular crew person and I learned more my leadership skills grew, I worked my way through the ranks and became a manager at only 17 years old. I consider myself a social person with a lot of people skills, I believe this shows with actually getting this job because obviously at 14 I didn’t exactly have any work experience. I have moved on and while I am still working in the food and service industry, I am working in more upmarket hospitality now. I was hired to lead a team in a new Grill’d store but quickly it became evident that I was better working around customers than in a kitchen. So I was moved to the more established Springfield store and from there I have become a happier person because I get to interact with complete strangers, and get to know regulars because after all, it all comes down to customer service.

Job interviews aren’t always in the formal context that many of us know. A job interview could be happening at any time interacting with professionals in your industry, in my case the film industry. I treat every interaction I have with anyone in the industry as a job interview as them seeing how I behave in the real world, especially in the creative industry, really shows how I will act in a workplace one I’m not the ‘new guy’ and am comfortable in my workplace.

My advice for job interviews would be, to be yourself, but not just that ‘self’ that comes out when you are out with mates, not just that ‘self’ that you want to be known for in your professional career, whatever that may be, but a healthy middle ground between the two.


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