It’s 2017 and more people now than ever before are connected from all corners of the globe. In fact, a report from Internet World Stats says that 3.7 Billion people in the world or more than half the world’s population have access to the internet. This is the golden age for anyone and everyone trying to build a company, show the world their art or just simply get connected with others in their industry.

Social media being the biggest influence in people’s internet use it is important for myself to utilize and leverage it to my advantage. For example, when a painter like Van Gogh, Picasso, Da Vinci and many others wanted to show the world their art, it would have been near impossible to see unless you saw it in person. For many people, this wouldn’t have been possible and as a consequence, they weren’t as famous while they were alive as they are today. This is only possible today through the power of the internet, anything that you want to see, know etc is just a second away.

The same applies to sharing work today, you take a photo that you want to share, simple, the internet, mainly social media is here to do that for you. Just like most creatives today, I share my work with the world through Instagram and my website. I choose Instagram as it was created to show your creativity, and is still used like that today. My photos are beginning to be shown under the ‘Discover’ section of Instagram and this is impacting my professional identity greatly. Not only is it boosting my confidence but it’s confirming to me that what I’m doing, my style and appreciated my many people and as someone who ‘creates’ this is important and means a lot to me.

My website, while similar to my Instagram only showcases that absolute, 100% best work that I have to show, along with an about tab highlighting who I am as a person and a contact tab, I am hoping that this will help boost my professional identity and help me to begin working in the industry which I love so much.


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