Copyright. It is an important thing with-in the creative spectrum. It protects the way a creator expresses their ideas, whether that be through an image, design, painting, film, song, the list goes on. But the idea’s themselves aren’t protected, just the way they are shown, made and conveyed.

So how does copyright help as a Uni student? Well In Australia you don’t have to go through expensive processes to have your work protected, it automatically is. As a Uni student studying film, it is extremely helpful that this is the case. Many people, myself included love to create but don’t have the money that would be logically needed in today’s society to achieve protection.

Through my own personal experiences, I have had some of my work stolen by another, so have people around me. As a creator, it isn’t a great feeling to know that someone is getting credited for your work, but with a more optimistic mindset I suppose one could argue that “hey this must mean my work is pretty damn good!”.

But it isn’t all good news. To lodge a copyright court appeal one must pay up to ensure, if the defendant is to successfully defend their argument, all costs will be returned to them, under Australian law.

Copyright is an important part of our online society. Now, more than ever is it easy to have your work taken and stolen by someone else where they can benefit. These laws and regulations are a necessity.



  3. Seiter, B., & Seiter, E. (2012). The Creative Artist’s Legal Guide : Copyright, Trademark and Contracts in Film and Digital Media Production. New Haven, US: Yale University Press.

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