Inclusive design is in essence, exactly what it says, it’s inclusive. This means what you design, whatever it may be will reach are larger and broader audience if it’s excepting of all races, religions, creeds and sexual orientation. This also includes physically and mentally impaired persons.

The CABE group says,

Good design will not only create inclusive spaces and places that address the needs of all those who will use them. (Sawyer, A. 2014. Page, 7)

While the CABE group is a property developer group, this statement can be applied outside of the property development context, in a film for example. Creating an “inclusive environment” means that more people will be likely to enjoy and benefit from your content, meaning a broader and more diverse audience. This is because you aren’t narrowing down your field of influence and exposure to one specific demographic.

The film and photography industry has a very powerful hand in this. By not only including but celebrating the various groups mentioned earlier, the film and photography industry has the power to sway people’s opinions on these various groups to give a perhaps, uneducated person on the topic, a broader and more in-depth look into the lives and perspectives of anyone in a different social group than themselves. .

By being inclusive not only in your films and photograph’s, not only are you being possibly informative but you are also relating with a larger audience meaning more traffic and exposure to your content. The good and inclusive design structure of your films makes people feel more invited and comfortable watching your film or viewing your photograph.



Sawyer, Ann, and Bright, Keith. The Access Manual: Designing, Auditing and Managing Inclusive Built Environments (3). Hoboken, GB: Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.

Myerson, Jeremy, Bichard, Jo-Anne, and Bichard, Jo-Anne. New Demographics New Workspace : Office Design for the Changing Workforce. Farnham, GB: Routledge, 2010.


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