Studio 1 – Weekly Reflection 2

Film making is a very time consuming task. It takes a special kind of person to successfully create a film that is not only visually appealing but tells a story. When starting out one my balance their life with their passion, that being their day job and general events and commitments that life throws their way.

Noam Kroll is a film maker who shares a weekly podcast with his followers. This week he discussed when is it okay to quit your day job and commit to film making full time. He stated that most importantly a day job should only be given up once you, as a film maker are financially sound by your film making, only then is it possible to persue film making full time.

He also noted that a day job that allows flexibility for your passion outside of work, that being a job that gives you enough time to go out and actually create outside of work. Not everyone has this though so he suggests for you to keep working your job until you have enough credibility and consistent work within the film industry. He also spoke about the pros and cons to freelancing and owning a production company. Being a freelance director, editor, cinimatographer you have more creative freedom as you are asked for your input more often by the production company that you are working for at they point in time. Owning a production company is also very desirable but the chance to create is very limited. Meaning, besides the fact that you are dictated by the client that has hired you to create something for them, you are also focused on the financial aspects of the business.

Another important requirement that is necessary is that prior experience in the industry is a must. Someone who can hire you as a director for example, is looking for films that you have directed. They don’t care if you are a doctor or teacher or enginer, of you don’t have anything to show from your own film making experience then the chances of getting work as a director are extremely unlikely.


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